Sunday, October 20, 2013

Student Work

Student Work.

Critical Play 2012, Student Collective of Game/Animation Work

Digital Media 2013 (Fall), Selections of 3D Model Renders-Splices

Critical Play 2014 (Spring), Selections of Storyboarding for Digital Games

Matthew Saunders, Stop the Invasion, 2D Digital Flash Animation 

JC Oroflo, Google Knows, 2D Stop Motion Frame Animation


Carlos Kovac, "Ghost" (Emulation of Ito Takashi)

Mitch Murway, "On Loss and Love" (Course Short Film)

Crystal Willis, "Le Mente..." (Emulation of Cao Fei)

Erica Taylor, "Dear Cheryl" (Emulation of Cheryl Donnegan)

Luiza Benisano, "I Am Beautiful" (Emulation of Marina Abramovic)

Andrea Kostecky, Digital Triptych Montage

Priscilla Ascuaga, Digital Triptych Montage

Serina Gonzalez, Digital Triptych Montage

Stormy Lattimer, Digital Triptych Montage

Serina Gonzalez, Youtube Video Mixer, "Protosynthesia"

Kenny Gonzalez, Self-Portrait

3D Augmented Reality Modeling, Class Collage

Virtual Reality Art Exhibition, 3D Avatars, 3D Models

Class Found Footage Film to Nicolas Carr's "What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains"